Sour Series


Gooseberry Sour

There’s a place our brewers visit where the trail flows perfectly for mountain bikers, hikers and campers from the surrounding wilderness converge, and a cold mountain stream feeds an abundance of wild berries. A paradise so blissful that even the birds and the bears allow the gooseberries to grow free. This little Sierra Shangri-La and the berries it produces are the inspiration for our second annual sour.

Mmm: Like our Elderberry Sour, Gooseberry Sour was soured in old oak barrels, but unlike Elderberry, Brettanomyces was added to the barrels. Gooseberries and currants were then blended in after the aging process just before bottling.


ABV: 7.0%
Availability: 500ml and draft






Elderberry Sour

It’s long been said that the elderberry contains healing powers. They’ve spent hundreds of years hard at work, and it’s finally their turn to have a little fun. After a luxurious 12-month soak, our humble elderberries have emerged older, wiser, and a whole lot boozier. Elderberry Sour is our tribute to all who remain young at heart. Pour yourself a glass and pay some respect to your elderberries.

Mmm: After 12 months in naturally soured bourbon barrels, Elderberry Sour is fermented with wild elderberries from our local Lundy and Scheelite Canyons. The result: a tart sour with a crisp berry finish. Oddly enough, a perfect accompaniment for your charcuterie plate.


ABV: 8.7%
Availability: 500ml and draft





Forest Nymph

When we go pick rose hips along McGee Creek, my daughter, Summer, bounces along like a forest nymph. She floats from one bush to the next in search of the perfect hip, then eats it fresh off the branch. After watching us for a while, my dogs start eating them too. MBC’s Forest Nymph is a kettle soured beer, fermented with WLP 644, then infused with rose hips and French oak. Enjoy fresh.
– Jason, Former Head Brewer

Mmm: A tart aroma with a subtle nose of rose hip is backed up by a mellow sourness and light refreshing body. Nymph’s finish is all rose hip flavor and mouth feel. French oak rounds out all the flavors nicely.


ABV: 6.0%
Availability: 500ml and draft


Black Plum_2017

Black Plum Sour

We aged the Dark Ale Sour Base in barrels for over a year and blended it with locally grown and handpicked Black Plums from Apple Hills Ranch outside of Bishop, CA.

Mmm: The result is a juicy winter sour beer boasting flavors of chocolate, caramel and of course plum.


ABV: 6.5%
Availability: 500ml and draft