Effective this morning (March 15, 2020), we made the decision to close all on-premise dining & drinking until conditions improve, but have teamed up with The EATery to offer the ToGo menu and packaged beer for take-away only, from 3:30 to 7:30pm each night.


For more details (including discounts and freebies!), please read the full statement from Sean Turner and the MBC team - click here. For questions or to call in your order in advance, please call (760) 934-7141 and press #10.


Please stay safe and healthy. We love you all and look forward to enjoying our time again!



Fire & Eisbock

The Eastern Sierra is often referred to as “The Land of Fire and Ice” for a reason: over millennia, the rugged landscape has been formed and shaped by volcanoes and glaciers. This powerful history is the inspiration for our Fire & Eisbock. Like the “bliss of a one swing stick” in ice climbing, this beer will distill your attention down to the singular focus of the next bend of your elbow.

Mmm: We use superheated local volcanic basalt rock to start the boil and caramelize the sugars of the wort. Then, after fermentation, we freeze water out of the beer and remove the ice to concentrate the alcohol and smooth out the flavor.


ABV: 10%
Availability: 22oz and draft, Winter seasonal






Dos Osos

What better time of the year for our Imperial Mexian Style Dark Lager with vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, cinnamon and Mammoth’s own Black Velvet coffee? Dos Osos comes out of the tanks ready for us to toast the local bears coming out of hibernation. So as a nod to spring time in the Sierra and groggy bears, we are drinking Dos Osos.

Mmm: Dos Osos emits aromas of coffee and cocoa nibs backed up by vanilla. The flavor follows with malty coffee and vanilla dominating the profile, while at the same time blending with chocolate and a suggestion of cinnamon. The lager yeast and long cold aging keeps the beer especially clean and crisp in the finish.


ABV: 7.5%
Availability: 22oz and draft, Spring seasonal






Summer Triple

Everyone moves to Mammoth for the winter snows, and winter in the Eastern Sierra is great, but no one would stay very long if it wasn’t for the summers. Summer in Mammoth is magical. The weather is perfect to lose yourself in the backcountry and recreate your favorite way. Some of our favorite ways are the triple of climbing, biking and fishing. Also, of course, enjoying our new Belgian-style Summer Triple after one of these adventures.

Mmm: Sipping our Belgian Tripel begins with a fruity, yet soft hop
character, that leads to delicate flavors of oranges, cloves and
coriander and ends as you ease into a warm, lazy summer afternoon.


ABV: 7.2%
Availability: 22oz and draft, Summer seasonal







Charley’s Revenge

About the time beer was invented Old Charley was the brewmaster for the original Mammoth Brewing Company. He had a cranky disposition, a penchant for strong ales and an obsession with keeping his brewery meticulously clean. After once again failing to clean to Charley’s strict standards, one of the brewers finally had enough and shoved the cantankerous old brewmaster into the kettle, barred the opening with the mash paddle and lit the fire. The coals were still hot when the kettle was finally opened, but there was no Charley, and the kettle was perfectly clean. When the Blood Moon rises, you can hear Old Charley slamming against the sides of the kettle, vengefully screaming: “YOU MISSED A SPOT”… so the legend goes.

Mmm: We went back to the original non-barrel aged version of Charley for this beer. Malty smooth from a full treatment of English Crystal malts and dried out using a classic Burton on Trent yeast, Charley begins big then cleans up with a dry mineral flavor reminiscent of English Olde Ale.


ABV: 8%
Availability: 22oz and draft, Fall seasonal