Effective this morning (March 15, 2020), we made the decision to close all on-premise dining & drinking until conditions improve, but have teamed up with The EATery to offer the ToGo menu and packaged beer for take-away only, from 3:30 to 7:30pm each night.


For more details (including discounts and freebies!), please read the full statement from Sean Turner and the MBC team - click here. For questions or to call in your order in advance, please call (760) 934-7141 and press #10.


Please stay safe and healthy. We love you all and look forward to enjoying our time again!


Got a big thirst? Got a big group? Then think about picking up your very own keg from MBC.


How to Order a Keg

(1) Pick a Beer! With so many refreshing choices, we know it’s hard… if you’ve never been in for a taste, come on in! If you’re having any trouble deciding, feel free to ask.


(2) Pick a Size! We have 13.2 and 5.16 gallon kegs. To help you decide what size to get; a 13.2 gallon will give you about 106 pints of goodness, and a 5.16 gallon 41 pints of fun.


(3) Call or stop in to check availability, prices and reserve your brew. With a few days notice (especially if you want a 5.16) you’ll be sure to get what you need – however if impromptu keg buys are your style, we’ll do our best to set you up.


(4) Buckets, Taps and Keg Cups, Oh My! We have every accessory you need to enjoy your beer.


(5) The necessary ID paperwork part: be sure to be 21 or over and bring your ID to prove it. You’ll need to sign some forms and leave a deposit.


(6) Pay and you’re on your way! It is that simple. We’ll even help you load!


(7) Enjoy your beer! But drink responsibly.





When do I need to return my keg and equipment?

There is no deadline to return equipment, but the sooner you do, the better for us, and the sooner you get your deposit back!


What happens if I want to change my keg size or beer after I’ve reserved it?

Not a problem, we can do that BEFORE you pick up your keg if we have that size in stock. Once you get your keg and tap it though, we can’t change keg size with out charging for a new one.


What if I need to leave town/can’t move/forgot and someone else returns the keg and equipment? Can I still get my deposit back?

We can still do that, but will require ID & signature from the person returning the equipment.


Can I fill my own keg?

We don’t fill anyone else’s kegs, but if you have one of ours, simply bring it in and we’ll get it filled!


How long does the beer stay fresh?

BEER IS LIKE BREAD: CONSUME IT FRESH! We guarantee the freshness of our beer for three months from packaging date, but we’ve had some of our beers still tasting great over a year after it was kegged! If you are using a hand pump though don’t plan on having the keg sitting around for too long.


Does MBC supply beer to events and weddings?
Yes we can help you out there too. We have Jockey Boxes available for rent which make pouring a breeze. We can also deliver and set up everything for you as well as clean up the mess. For more information call our tasting room on 760 934 7141.