Harvest Series


Owens Valley Wet Harvest Ale

The end of August marks the beginning of fall in the High Sierra, and with the cold nights comes harvest time. Owens Valley Black IPA is our original harvest beer using fresh wet Cascade hops from local hop farmers Banner Springs Ranch. These hops come straight from the fields and go into the kettle within 24 hours, keeping all the lovely hop oils pristine and intact for your enjoyment. Brewed with dark malts and tons of hops, Owens Valley Black IPA is a hearty beer perfect for fall barbecues.

Mmm: The mixture of copious amounts of wet local Cascade hop oils with the smooth rich flavors of Patagonian Perle Negra malt are sublime in this beer. The Owens Valley Black IPA was designed for balance and mouthfeel.


ABV: 7.5%
Availability: 22oz and draft, annual release


Kung Fu Apple Ale

When a neighbor at our old Berner Street offered us some apples from his orchard we jumped on them – literally. Using hand crushed apples we are now inspired to brew this tasty beer every fall. And as a thank you to the apple owner we named this brew Kung Fu Apple Ale.

Mmm: 49% Cider 51% Golden Strong Ale. Tart and delicious


ABV: 6.8%
Availability: Draft only, annual release