Bear Club



Love beer? Join the club.

The 2016/17 membership is SOLD OUT! Check back later in 2017 to sign up for Gold or Silver memberships . See terms and conditions below.
Members Enjoy:

Gold Membership

    • Receive 4 bottles of exclusive MBC beer in April and July 2017
    • $1 off pints
    • 10% off merchandise and beer to go
    • 50% off fills in a limited-release commemorative growler

Membership: $200

Silver Membership

    • 50% off fills in a limited-release commemorative growler
    • $1 off pints
    • 10% off merchandise and beer to go

Membership: $80



Terms and Conditions: MBC Bear Club

1. Full year membership benefits will start October 1st 2016 and last through September 30th 2017. For Gold and Silver memberships benefits will start February 1st 2017 and last through September 30th 2017.
2. Silver and Gold MBC Bear Club memberships will be on sale until December 31.
3. Growlers and ID cards can be picked up at the MBC Tasting Room.
4. Beer can be chosen to be shipped to locations within California if you will not be able to pick it up in Mammoth. Beer shipment will be a flat rate of $35.00.
5. Prior to each beer release we will reach out to all members to decide if you want your beer shipped or if you will pick it up here at the Tasting Room.
6. If you are going to pick the beer up you must give us 48 hours’ notice so we can have the beer sent over from the warehouse.
7. Your commemorative growler provides half price growler fills only for that growler (Unless it is the first Wednesday of the month).
8. Member ID card benefits for member only. Discounts only applies if the member is purchasing.
9. Each gold member will only get their allotted beer (4 bottles per release) since we will not produce any more than what is needed.
10. All Bear Club memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
11. Membership discounts are only available for purchases at the Mammoth Brewing Company Tasting Room, 18 Lake Mary Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA. 10% discount applies on beer to go and merchandise. Food from The Eatery and event tickets are not eligible.
12. Must be 21+ to be a member.
13. Beer Release Schedule
a. October – Beer #1
b. January – Beer #2
c. April – Beer #3
d. July – Beer #4

Please e-mail for further information.